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LATE 1800’s, Early 1900’s:

On property purchased from the McEwan family, the original building in 1904, was established as the home of Davey’s, a merchantile and thriving business in downtown Clare, MI.

Mid 1960’s:

The Davey’s building was sold and the opening of Mill End occurred. In 1964, a major fire occurred, with considerable damage to the interior. As part of the restoration, walls were covered with drywall (more modern construction).

Mill End Store:

The store was divided into numerous sections on three levels. (basement included shoes, upstairs housed fabrics, and merchandise was housed in the attached building. The Mill End business was closed in approximately 2009 and the building sat vacant for 5 years.

August 2014: Phase 1

The Venue and attached building (current location of The Heart of Michigan Café & The Upper Rooms), was purchased by Larry and Judy Kleinhardt. Renovations and restoration began with Phase 1, the main floor. Drywall covering was removed and original brick walls cleaned and sealed. The floors were restored to original beauty.

Phase 2

Phase 2, the second floor, includes a bridal boutique and wedding ceremony gallery.

The Upper Rooms

Phase 3, The Upper Room Suites, for overnight accommodations.

The Full Package

There are many original features of the building but also modern touches. Considerable time has been spent finding the perfect items as permanent and decorative features. Through the years, numerous prominent Clare residents were involved in the investment of the building. We have not listed individual owners/investors in our notations.

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